Episode 05: BP-A Talk About Edwards

Hey Everyone!

So this podcast is a special podcast.  I am calling this segment: Best Podcast (BP).  This is because I am featuring audio from another podcast that I think is very good to hear.  I figured this was easier than telling you what to listen to and then you, turning around, and either forgetting or unable to listen to it.

This is the story of my wife.  I told her to listen to this podcast, but for some reason, she’s unable to download the podcast episode (must’ve been deleted from their server).  Luckily, I had it on my iPhone, downloaded already.  So, with further ado, here is our special broadcast.

The introduction music is by The Classic Crime.  The song is called “Abracadavers.”

The podcast episode that is featured is by Theology Unplugged of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries.  The title of this podcast is “Sam Storms on Jonathan Edwards.”

Hope you enjoy!

Episode 04: SS Points that Point to Jesus

This is a continuation of our previous podcast and what we have been learning in Sunday School.  Hopefully this is beneficial to you!

Thanks for listening!

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Episode 02: SS The Cosmological Argument Pt. 1

Sunday School

January 3, 2016

These are the main points, and even my notes, on this lesson.  Enjoy!

  • Is there any evidence?
    • Do you know why you are a Christian?
    • Non-Christians seem to have all of the evidence in their court.
    • Christians stand on solid ground, but do not know it.
    • Accidental Christians.
    • [Read ridiculous arguments]
  • We Had the Evidence All Along.
    • We should not fear!
    • Scientists have become more and more uncomfortable
  • The Effort to Understand the Eternal.
    • Everyone has to deal with the problem of the eternal
    • Christians are not alone in this.
    • [Read Questions]
  • Whatever We Call Eternal is Our God.
    • The mystery drives us to science.
    • Science drives us to theology.
    • Whatever has the ability to exist forever, is a god.
      • Look at the greeks.
      • Gaia being Mother Earth.
    • [Show Quote]
    • Many believe that the cosmos was created by something.
  • What Causes It?
    • Everything has a cause.
    • If a ball is seen rolling down a driveway, you stop to see who kicked it.
    • Balls do not just roll on their own without cause.
    • This is called the Principle of Causality.
    • [Read bullets and quotes]
  • Crash Course in Philosophy
    • A premise is a justification for a conclusion.
    • A conclusion is a theory on truth.
    • If all of the premises are true, then the conclusion must be true.
    • If some of the premises of your belief system are false, then either ignore the falsehood, change the premise, or change the conclusion.
    • [Look at some examples]
  • Applying Causality to the Cosmos
    • Thousands and thousands of scientists have worked for generations trying to disprove God, and this is the strongest argument for God
    • This argument defies them continually.
    • [Read main points]

Episode 01: First Official Episode!


This page is dedicated to introducing who we are.  We are the Dear Theo podcast (or blog).

J. Warner Wallace, who is a Cold-Case Detective, says to start where you are with the resources you have now.

“Now why the name?”

That is, understandably, a great question!  You see, I have taken a liking to the name Theophilus (Thee-Off-Fill-Us).  Here is why.  In the Bible, there is seen, or read in the more literal sense,  a young man named Luke.  He was a brilliant man, from what we can tell by the form of greek he wrote.  This greek was, in fact, a higher form of greek: meaning that he was well educated.  He wrote two books that are found in the Scriptures.

One book is The Gospel According to Luke.

And the other book is:

The Book of Acts, or as some have called it, The Acts of the Apostles.

These books were written in the form of an historical, and “orderly,” account.  Many of the witnesses back then took up the tasks of writing the historical accounts before him.  However, they are not “orderly” or “chronologically” done.  The events described in the other three gospels are ordered by, as some have offered, theologically or topically.  Luke’s mission was to interview all of the people still alive, that is, the ones who were surviving the incredible persecution from the Jews, and give an account that is good enough to stand trial in court.

“But Jordan, why the name ‘Dear Theo’?”

Well… There was a man, probably very rich.  Also, he was probably very powerful and influential.  He, most likely, wanted a way of knowing for certain that this thing was true.  You see… He could have lost his position of power in Rome, if accepting this thing called Christianity, that is.  His name was Theophilus.

Essentially, the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts was funded by, and dedicated to, this rich man of power, Theophilus.

Now, the two books found in the Bible written by this Luke, to, or even for, this man Theo, has many topics involved between these two books.

However, for times sake I will only list two categories:

Everything is about Jesus.

Now, this one might be strange, or even offensive.  But Jesus is the main idea in all things.  He literally holds all things together.  Jesus is the Name above all names.  On His thigh is tattooed “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

So, therefore, on this blog, or podcast, we will deal with a little bit of history and how history points to Jesus.  We will deal with apologetics, and the best explained evidences for why God exists and why Jesus is that God.  Plus!  Theology!  The sciences of God.  The road map, if you will, of the many thousands of experiences of thousands of people that help teach us what to expect and how to get there, to God that is.

We may even dive into a few series on different topics or books of the Bible.

Life for Jesus.

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” (Colossians 3:17)

Some translations may say something like, “…whether you eat or drink” do it for Jesus.  That is what life is for… Jesus.

Luke touches base on some of the lives of the Apostles, and of course, the life of Jesus and what He says how we should live our lives.

Therefore, we may do some advice on health and fitness and things of that nature.  Shoot!  We may do video game reviews, or even movie reviews.  But that is in the future and depends where this goes.

“Who should read this, or even listen to this?  Who is your audience?”

Well… Obviously, everyone is more than welcome to come and join me on this amazing quest.  However, I guess starting out I would like to advertise this to my closest friends and family.  That is including my church that I attend.  I love them so deeply and see them not knowing why they believe what they believe, and I want Jesus to use me in helping them see clearly.

I am not looking to get big, or become a big deal.  Shoot!  I am not a big deal.  I have only been married for one year.  I am still working on getting my bachelors in Biblical Studies (which is taking forever!).  I am trying to build a business to support my ministry (that is why this website is piggy-backing on my company’s website, as of right now).  I have my first child, my daughter, on the way.  I am only 23 years old.  I do a Sunday School with an average attendance of six people.  Therefore, I am not a big deal.  I just want to get the message out there.

J. Warner Wallace, who is a Cold-Case Detective, says to start where you are with the resources you have now.  For months, I have been convicted of starting a blog and podcast.  I have been encouraged to do so by many people.  Therefore, if only three… Shoot!  If only one person listens and grows from it, I will be happy by it.

I do not want your money!

Because I am not a big deal, and because I am a no body, I do not want your money.  I am not looking for donations.  I am not looking for hand-outs.  If someone who is close to me wants to help out with this ministry, I would consider it.  But I do not care for that.  I am here about, and for, the Message of Jesus.

In the future, I may do things like advertisements for some companies.  But I am not going to do things like “please help our cause!”  I just want to have a good time, I want you to have a good time, and I want to learn about Jesus!

Thank you for listening, or even reading!

Thanks for Reading!

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